V2 Cigs Review


In 2013 V2 Cigs is considered to be one of the best electronic cigarette brands anywhere – it’s not easy to miss the overwhelmingly positive V2 User Testimonials, Excellent Consumer Reports and Top-Ratings by E-Cigarette Critics and Review Sites (including myself and my V2 Cigs Review below – updated for mid 2013).  


medium-box-cartomizer-eliquid-blanks-150x150medium-box-starter-kit-v2Not that long ago V2 E Cigs sold electronic cigarette number one million and this is very impressive for any company especially an electronic cigarette one. What makes this even more impressive is that V2 Cigs has only been a company for a few years now.

People who use e-cigs all over the world have come to an agreement that V2 Cigs produce a higher amount of vapor and have a battery that lasts longer than any other companies products that are available today.


v2 ultimate kitNo question, V2 Cigs is the best e-cigarette brand on the internet today. We’ve tried pretty much every other e-cigarette being sold today, but we haven’t found a worthy comparison. You’re looking at more vapor production, the battery holds a charge for a longer period of time, and the flavors to choose from are many.

That’s why we hand-picked V2 for our 15% off promo, and hopefully this attracts some e-cigarette beginners towards this awesome brand. Hey, even if you’ve been using an e-cigarette for awhile, take this coupon code and give V2 cigs a try”,

                              says Tyler Bullock of V2CigsCoupon.org.

How many e-cigarette brands at this point in time can boast one million customers?

I believe V2 is the only brand that can claim to be on that list at this point, especially since they’ve only been in the game for a couple of years. Alexa.com has released data showing V2 e-cigarettes firmly at the top of all other e-cigarette brands online right now, largely due to their excellent battery life and how much vapor is produced. Try any V2 Cigs products with a discounted 15% off code now, found on our V2 Cigs Coupon Code page – or simply below!

independent v2 cig

Alexa.com ranks V2 e-Cigarettes as the #1 e-cig brand online.

That is pretty high praise, and V2 strives to live up to that praise in every transaction they make, proving that they are at the top of the e-cig game. The vapor that you get from a V2 is paired with their excellent battery life and flavors – and you won’t believe how inexpensive their starter kits are! If you’re just trying it out for the first time, try their $24.95 starter kit. The more experienced e-cigarette user can go all the way up to their Ultimate Kit, priced out at 179.95. There’s no doubt that between their flavors, accessories, battery life, and pricing, V2 is the e-cig brand to beat.


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V2 Cigs Review

V2 Electronic Cigarettes: the Modern Cigarette Alternative

Most businesses problems that arise come from the company losing money, growing too slowly, or not having enough customers for the products they make. For V2, though, their biggest problem back in 2011 involved them simply growing too quickly. When they first launched their brand new electronic cigarette (e-cig) brand, they skyrocketed to the top of the charts in terms of online ratings. This incredible growth was much greater than the original operational capacity they had, meaning they had to catch up in production, and try to get ahead of it again.


Things have changed greatly for V2 e-cigs in recent years. They went from an up-and-coming electronic cigarette brand to being the best selling electronic cigarette brand in the entire electronic cigarette industry, with the most sought-after and top-rated products. Even compared to other e-cig makers, who have seen a lot of recent success, V2 has made giant leaps in profits and customer satisfaction and grown even faster. This is despite V2 E-Cigs coming onto the market and launching as a business much later than the other big-name brands V2 is most often compared with.

Of course, like any businesses that unexpectedly grows rapidly, V2 experienced its share of growing pains.

Issues like supply chain production and logistics cropped up—but they were overcome quickly, making way for more progress. Of course, the best way to measure the worth of a company is by their ability to overcome issues—and V2 did it extremely well. They launched two e-cig lines despite their difficulties, including the very popular Vantage Vapor line, one of the best value brand e-cigs on the market. They additionally improved many of the aspects of their production.

V2 Cigs the Smart Choice In Smokeless Cigarettes smoking alternative for 2013

2 years ago V2 faced a dilemma.  The consumer demand grew too quickly! On the onset of their launch of the newest electronic cigarette brand the demand as a result of top reviews all around the internet. The planned growth outgrew the manufacture’s capabilities. Both V2 Cigs and the manufacturing plants were scrambling in an attempt to become the leader and in control of what appeared to be the name you will be seeing a lot more of.


V2 Cigs quickly went from being the latest kid in school a short while ago, to blossom into the number one most demanded best seller desired in the electronic cigarette market.  Their growth has expanded faster than any other industry competitors  as evidenced by the millions of smokers who use e-cigs, and gain the understanding of the product’s effectiveness in offering a safe choice opposed to traditional cigarettes. This is even more outstanding since V2 was a late comer to the market and still hands down destroys the biggest e-cig competitors.

Starter businesses whom found themselves more successful beyond their initial plans certainly experienced headaches.  V2′s own production problems that was simply a supply and demand issue was very quickly remedied. Since then their nonstop innovations and improvements that show what makes a brilliant company who can only leap forward leaving their past issues in the past. Not only overcome supply and demand issues but introducing two sister products Vantage Vapor hand’s down the best value in the e-cig market as well as Vapor Conture a e-cig fashioned especially for women. Not only those innovations but improving their original offerings in all areas.


V2′s shaky beginnings is not totally  unlike that of the Silicon Valley era


Proud Americans putting in their blood, sweat and tears into a product that betters the existing offerings out there. Smoke able tobacco has been around for many centuries with no new innovations since packed cigs were first introduced to stores for the masses. Today e-cigs are the new sliced bread via increased quality control ensuring the same taste and constancy with each draw ensuring the best value compared to past offerings to smokers ever.

The hard working people at V2 Cigs now research and improve their offerings without outside help. Four factories belonging to the company in Florida and Schenzen China (Where almost all consumer electronics in the world come from) ensure Shipping, Testing, assembly and Research and Development all happen without a hitch.

Not a single thing is off the shelf parts simply repackaged as V2 owns and oversees their entire process. This ensures optional performance finely crafted offerings that stick out as top of the line due to the quality, all the while remaining the best economic choice and value in regards to V2 E-Liquid, refillable nicotine cartridges, V2 Cig kits, Electronic cigarette batteries and various other accessories that compliment you experience. One offers a beautiful extra large portable charging case that is the best in regards to kr808d-1 that is the single PCC that can charge the extra large 140 millimeter length.

All that you could ever possibly want is delivered right to your front door with free shipping on all orders inside the states, as well as optional rush delivery by UPS when you can’t wait. (And who can blame you?) V2 is the only provider of E-cigs to have a partnership with UPS to offer this to consumers.



V2′s web presence saw a revolution as well  last year.

Quickly becoming the number one  top ranked e-cig site as ranked by Alexa the most trusted internet ranking company. It’s a outstanding model of perfection showing an outstanding user interface, great  quality, and a finely tuned shopping experience tailored to you the customer where you are able to finely tune your wanted product choices in every combination of things one could think of while ordering.

You can rest easy knowing everything is tested and exceeds standards set by the e-cig industry. V2 promises with a lifetime guarantee(on non consumable offerings)  that everything you order will work right outta the package each and every instance. Still not completely satisfied? All that is in conjunction with a thirty day cash back satisfaction promise. How awesome is that?

V2  and the people there are proud of their products and go to the ends of the earth to promise smokers that their use of e-cigs actually lives up to it’s name. In which far too often competitors sell out of date tech that are years out of date.  The promise to give a safe choice instead of traditional cigs with no addiction. As well as offering satisfaction that industry leading ecig manufacturer can. The ability to mix vapor offerings with flavor or thickness simulating the feeling smokers need to remedy their tobacco needs while giving them something far far better.


So quickly daunted from being over saturated with demand they couldn’t meet supply needs, V2 now stands as a fine tuned machine in the e-cig world. Continuing to show other e-cig manufactures how to do it right while keeping their customers supplied and happy and vaping.

Essentially it’s the V2′s continued capability to promise this via a finely crafted battery which delivers 4.2 volts to the V2′s low  obstruction horizontal heating coil that utilizes the newest ground breaking technology of cartomizer efficiency design built into every disposable e-cig. This combo is even more powerful when in conjunction with the five volt universal serial bus pass through. This more than delivers the quality of vapor and vapor quantity that is noticeably lacking from other manufacturer’s mini cigs such as Luci, Green Smoke, Blu Smoke and Esmoke Sensation which all fall by the wayside when it comes to charge power and that all important “wow” feeling.

I have for a while chosen kr808d-1 for my choice of specs. I in the past rated both generic and name brands version head to head and needless to say not all are the same. Even with the naked eye one can see different types of airflow dimensions and holes for air , materials used in their construction as well as more nuanced things such as the on/off sensors and the precision and care of the connection terminals between the cartridges and battery.  Tho these all have improved over the years the competitors offerings simply don’t match up.

With that being stated, am I telling you not a single brand offers what the V2 can?

Yes and No – There are certainly some smaller brand names who deliver quality e-cigarettes comparable (also based on the kr808d-1 spec, which is really the way to go at present) but they are few and far between.

Lesser known Smokeless Image’s Volt electronic cigarettes and Bloog’s e-cig are two I enjoyed considerably and would be the only other brands i would put as coming close on the whole – while others using the kr8 ecig spec like eSmoke PRO, SmokeTip and White Cloud (among several others) do NOT sell manual batteries (a deal killer to me frankly); either don’t have the optimized manufacturing process V2 benefits from

Albeit the V2 I personally found to always give me that promised delivery with an outstanding value behind an ever more outstanding warranty and phone support. Which includes past five pm support for anytime help, pre and post sales information. Which far too often goes unnoticed by people when reviewing electronic cigarettes. V2 is the leader and hits the nail on the head with packaging, and a company that isn’t going anywhere to back up their promises and guarantee you will be able to obtain refills into the future as well as anything else.

Combine that with outstanding shipping options such as rush for when you need your refills as quickly as possible or free shipping! Remember a portable charger will be one purchase you won’t regret for a miniature class electronic  cig as you never want to have a craving and no battery power to stomp it.


With a wide spectrum of choices for the V2 cigarette it could be very daunting if ordering wasn’t as intuitive and easy as V2′s are


As far as batteries go there are a few choices when it comes to size.  100 millimeter known as a shorty battery. The 110 millimeter battery which is the most common size and then the 140 millimeter battery which is known as a long battery. It get’s a little more complicated as with each size battery there’s an additional two types; manual and automatic.

V2 Cigs batteries - lots of options!

  • Manual Batteries – Require you to hold a button to inhale. Some people claim that this battery provides them with a thicker more flavor filled vapor
  • Automatic Batteries – These are puff on demands type batteries. Inhaling starts them and provides you with vapor, there’s no need to hold down any buttons.


Both types work extremely well so it more or less comes down to a personal preference of which one you will ultimately decide to use.  Most providers other than V2 don’t provide you the customer with any choice and as a result you’re stuck with whatever that company could profit more off of.


Not so with V2,  they correctly think that this choice is yours to make. Their prices per battery start from twenty to thirty bucks for the larger sizes. When you think about how a pack a day smoker can spend thirty bucks a year on lighters or lighter fluid a year and that these batteries are guaranteed to last a lifetime you can see the savings already.

It’s a deal too good for anyone to let past by. V2′s batteries utilize the latest innovations and their 4.2 volts are the best available today and will provide you with years worth of thick, flavorful vapor to squash all your nicotine cravings.

One of the more intimidating aspects for new users of electronic cigarette users is that they are electronic devices. Which in turn means that to initially start vaping you need to get a few supplies beforehand, but the electronic components are actually quite simple in terms of the mechanism and with V2′s 2-Piece cartomizer system it can be literally simpler than to smoke normal cigarettes (an hey, no more lighters to worry about – nor the fire hazard!).


You are reading this you most likely have seen various E-cigarette starter kits available from retailers. V2 realized that these kits are what customers like you first look into more so than anything else when choosing whether to buy an e-cig. Using this insight V2 cigs has put a ton of effort into the selection of starter kits and a variety of prices and options that other major players in the market can’t or don’t offer. This ensures that no matter what you can afford there is a kit available for you to invest in and use.

Starter kits and the variety of options and price is where V2 Cig shines Particularly Brightly.

You have the option to completely tailor anything to your wants. New users in my opinion I recommend utilizing an automatic battery simply for the fact that it copies the feel of traditional smoking more so then almost anything else. That being said most consumers will tell you they realize manual batteries are soon their preferred choice. For the fact they allow the cartomizer to be preheated allowing superior control of the electronic cigarette  and giving a remarkable boost in the quality of vapor and taste. My advice is until you yourself have tried both and realize manual isn’t for you that in your first purchase if your budget allows (and at V2′s prices it will) to splurge on two batteries at least. Simply so while you are using one the second is charging. That being said take some time to think about getting 1 of each type manual and automatic.

There are many available choices for you to customize precisely to your own style, preferences and individual smoking habit (go for strong carts at first if you are a pack-a-day smoker would be my best advice – many find they lower the nicotine content gradually, but it may help you stick with it at first.


So far in 2013 V2 Cigs has launched a new member of their electronic cigarette  starter kit lineup! Their v2 Standard + kit gives you everything you need which includes a V2 Standard kit, and a V2 Portable charging case. Basically all you need to start a new healthy tobacco free life change and keeping your electronic cigs charged right when you need them.



v2cigs coupon code

The best kit to get in my view would be the V2 Ultimate kit simply because it includes the above as well as twenty five cartridges a USB battery as well as a third battery which will be enough to last a month or two depending on how often you are used to smoking before needing to order more eliquid and or refills. This is where other brand choices fall way behind. five cartridges is not a whole lot using the ratio that a single cartridge equates to a single pack. This is often repeated and can be inaccurate because the number of puffs as well as the intake of nicotine can vary and feel far less. Most smokers trying to quit will find they go thru a single cartridge more rapidly then a package of their traditional cigarettes. The V2′s included ten covers all the bases for only a hundred bucks and with the coupon code EVAPE15 you can lower that cost down to a measly 85 bucks! Which is a bargain based price.

With so many reasons and benefits to the V2 such as health that are important to you lets get real for a moment and talk about the one you are most concerned about. Money, Think about how much you currently spend on cigarettes. It’s quite a bit isn’t it? Now compare that to the cost of the V2. Now you might begin to wonder why people even use tobacco anymore. Imagine more money in your wallet what could you do with all that extra you will have after making the choice to switch to an ecig? But folks it gets even better V2 is currently offering coupon codes such as EVAP20 which will save you even more at checkout. You can now get the V2 for the lowest prices ever. You have nothing to loose except your need for tobacco so why not buy one today?

The ordering process is extremely simple and tailored towards you the customer.  The shipping choices are suited for anyone’s potential needs or wants and fits any budget. They package their products in the safest most discrete manner possible. They include a ton of information on safety concerns and offer to provide and answers to your questions as they arrive.  Unfortunately many other businesses rather haves sales numbers instead of numbers of satisfied customers and don’t even tell you how (and if) their products even function. V2 is an industry leader in this sector for a variety of reasons but customer satisfaction is the main reason why so many customers are repeat customers.

What makes the shipping so easy? V2 has over the years developed an unique relationship with UPS. Traditionally the only option for delivery has been The Postal Service, which in turn proved into long delivery waits despite V2 sending their products as quickly as possible out the door. V2 thru their unique innovations have remedied that with UPS. This came into fruition only because UPS themselves seen that V2 is indeed a reliable, trustworthy, innovative, responsible business. They felt that V2 was deserving of an UPS guarantee of quick delivery of their products to consumers like you.

You know what quailty is when you see it inside a product. E-cig consumers such as yourself are a hard customer to please. E-cigs need to raise the bar when you compare them to your traditional tobacoo based cigarettes which is an offering tuned over a centuries and infused with various traditions of tobacco producers and growers.  When you put that side to side with the V2 you see it has done remarkably for itself. Consumers who have tested the various offerings of the e-cig market have chosen the V2 E-cigarette. Simply check web rankings. Alexa the most trusted company for these rankings checks the internet in it’s whole to find the most popular websites. Simply Google e-cigarette and you will find millions of sites however what will be the top result? The V2!

The V2 is a product invented by ex smokers for smokers

The V2 was invented from a bunch of ex-smokers, whom know what is needed from a e-cig. The fact they are now ex-smokers is due to the fact they found a product superior: the vapor filled puff of electronic cigs. Soon after discovering a better way and quickly switching, the inventors of the V2 found that every current offering did not meet their hopes. So in lieu of hoping a new product would be offered in the future they went and insured one did. How? By conceptualizing   and creating the V2 on their own. Because they are ex-smokers they know well the health benefits over traditional tobacco  offerings and want to tell the world about the V2. All to help those struggling to quit a product that can help them do so. In that regard they have money saving coupon codes such as the one I previously mentioned available for everybody who  wants to give their product a go.

V2 was founded by smokers who successively quit and it is easy to see. V2 knows that a person with a tobacco addiction or habit doesn’t need a unreliable, unpredictable  offered to them.  They require and desire the taste and feel of traditional cigarettes  with the same ease of use and high quality they are use to minus the cancer risks and stigmas society has about them.

It’s well known cigarettes are filled with thousands of harmful chemicals and cancer causing agents as well as various other things that cause ill health and harm our bodies. Let’s compare that in relation to electronic cigarettes. Which only ingredient is nicotine in it’s purest form. You will be safer from those dangers as well as far healthier. All that with none of the mess such as ashes, acrid yellowing smoke, fingernails and teeth as well as belongings as well as that putrid smell.(It’s there trust me, ask your non smoker friends or co-workers) With an e-cig there’s no smoke, ash or smell forcing you to go out in inclement weather just to satisfy a craving. Your friends will prefer you having this piece of tech that looks like it’s from the future allowing you to smoke anywhere you want including inside their homes! All the while you still enjoy the same smooth taste and flavors you already enjoy. So stay inside for the party and don’t miss anymore moments with your friends or a chance with that special someone who’s there.

These reasons have made the V2 into the most superb end user experience possible. Other business exploit the ignorance and veil surrounding their products to people looking into their products. This can be easily solved to future consumers ready to make a change in their lives by employing a staff which is highly knowledgeable and friendly. This cumulates into an easy transition, while you learn the in and outs that any foreign device needs. You can reach a friendly V2 Representative  over live chat, email or simply making a call, all while having the knowledge that they can be talking to someone that can answer your concerns fast and as courteous as possible.  Unfortunately this isn’t a common happening in the e-cig world.  Most other companies simply don’t provide the quality customer service to help consumers with what they offer. That results in people like you abandoning e-cigs and running back to the nearest store for a pack of disease causing cigarettes. This is not the case for V2, they value you as a customer and by far are your best choice for service.

The V2 Itself

My V2 simply is the best quality electronic cigarette on the market that I have found, used or seen. It’s construction in inside of it’s self is superb, a fine aesthetic  look, efficient and functions well. The carts used by it which are liquid based and  very easy to use. Thus providing you with a refreshing cool nicotine filled vapor instead of a stench filled burst of hot air. These innovations combine make the V2 a high quality machine, but wait there’s more! The V2 has a tremendous amount of optional accessories as well as the for mentioned fully customization kits that you yourself customize yourself all on their website. This is all in addition to their top rated customer service and guarantees that are unmatched by any other e-cig companies.

R&D one of the bigger concerns of the V2 company. V2 is not simply a one hit wonder but rather a creative and adaptive business that adapts and improves every product they offer.  Commercials and ads simply don’t make a product good just like they don’t do anything to provide the business with happy customers.  Other businesses use outdated tech and e-cig designs that are half a decade old. Not caring what you the customer wants or needs in their product they continue to pump out outdated device for years in massive quantities.  You yourself or a friend might of tried one of these and were left totally unsatisfied and went back to cancer sticks knowing the risks but unable to find a alternative that suits your needs. All that could of been mitigated simply with the low cost and high quality of the V2. The V2 in it’s entirety is designed to promise the highest user satisfaction possible. This is done in part by how easy and simple to use. In under a minute of receiving your package you will have everything setup and ready to use for your first V2 experience. You never need to think  about it breaking because it’s promised to work each and every time you need it as well the security that each and every V2 offering is compatible with every other offering. Quite simply it’s wholly satisfying, high quality, and extremely convenient.

In the past I consulted for a smaller company expanding into the USA market. I quickly realized the myriad of issues that pop up as far as storage and stock when you try to provide a highly customized e-cig to a customer base. It’s more profitable and cost effective for smaller brands to just offer one e-cig kit. For every variable they can or could offer requires space and production on hand for quick deliveries and fulfillment of orders, which is far from simple.  V2 when first exploding onto the market had these issues and have worked hard to put that far into the past. Their now bigger sized and greater cash flow due to them being the big dog has provided them with the resources needed to kill these obstacles. Still many other companies just provide a single kit which means they are all the same minus the various names of that company stamped on the packing. These same companies only buy what they expect they will need from the manufactures and if they somehow sell well, customers like you are out of luck when it comes to reordering cartridges or other accessories.  So you are forced to try to cobble things together from other companies with no promises that anything will work at all and are left out of the cash if they don’t. You deserve better than that.

With V2 they make and design everything themselves. This ensures you the customer that everything they sell you will be compatable with everything else from them. Starter Kits usually consists of 3 items: e-liquids, cartridges and of course a battery. V2′s starter kit is of the highest possible quality. The batteries have a beautiful matte finish and the carts come with low resistance which means it’s easier for you to get vapor. Just imagine for the very low cost of a V2 starter kit they provide you with an awesome e-cig, wonderful fulfilling flavors and A++ support.

Speaking about flavors: V2′s flavor choices

So we have covered just how e-cigs work previously but lets quickly go over it again. A tiny cart that contains nicotine is inserted into your e-cigarette. A coil inside the e-cig vaporizes the liquid turning it into a measured dose of vapor, allowing you to inhale the pure nicotine. Simple right? Well it’s hard to design all of that to work as expected. The e-cig needs to be the right size, not to large or it wouldn’t look like a cig and nobody would want to use it. On the other hand it can’t look too familiar as a tobacco based cigarette or you’ll be harassed for smoking in places where one can’t. It can’t be too thick or it would be very awkward to use tho make it too thin and you run the risk of the coil inside burning the consumer.  V2 has perfected their product in all these aspects. It looks enough like a cig without mistakenly being thought as one, it has heft making it feel like the fine piece of machinery it is all while perfectly heating your cartridge for awesome draws without burning you.

There are a few standards when it comes to flavors such as Menthol, Specialty and Rich Tobacco that have that wonderful toasted smokey taste your old cigarettes while having absolutely  no tar or smoke. You will be healthier, your lungs will be healthier and your breath will loose that disgusting cigarette smell. 

Besides the already mentioned flavors V2 offers exotic and varied flavors in their lineup which also include:


- V2 RED

- Peppermint

- Cool Menthol

- Sahara

- Cola

- Cherry

- Vanilla

- Coffee

- Chocolate

- Passion Fruit!


And more flavors are always being added from user input like yours.  V2 rigorously tests all their flavors before allowing them to be sold, ensuring only the top quality flavors will reach you. When you consider a 5 pack of cartridges are only $9.95 you can go crazy trying to find the right flavors that suits your moods. It can almost be promised you will find several flavors that will tickle your taste buds all while satisfying your nicotine needs.


In fact many users will hobby of sorts seeking out new flavor avenues and discovering the intriguing variety of eliquids. There are so many options out there for more adventurous users to try. And you can be promised that these eliquids will work with your V2 cigs hardware with the liquimax blank carts. These are well suited to ensure you will get the best taste possible from your V2.  Discovering and trying new and exotic or unusual flavors has been an engaging pursuit for me personally. Sometimes I will even mix two flavors together myself in attempts to please my palette. As I said it’s a past-time and hobby unto it’s self and well worth the time invested.

Of course you don’t need to go as that far yourself, as you most likely have one brand or flavor of cigs you currently stick with and that’s entirely possible to carry over to e-cigs as we mentioned in the list of flavors.


The V2Cigs Outstanding Customer Service

It happens that shiny new product you just brought home and unpack aged doesn’t work for some reason or another. Or perhaps it stops working a day or two after you start to fall in love with it. Maybe you even break it by accident. It happens.


So what happens when you dial you try calling the company and can’t get help? You get frustrated and most likely never buy again from that company. You feel as tho that company just wants your money and once they have that they no longer care about you the customer.


Luckily V2 is the complete opposite of that. Seriously with them it’s like night and day compared to companies like that. V2 has the insight to realize that horribly bad treatment of customers like that  is bad for you the consumer but bad for the company itself as a whole.


V2 wants repeat shoppers that are more than happy to be repeat customers. In various tests and surveys by shoppers V2 excels when it comes to their customer service standards. Because they specialize  and lead the market in a new device. Their products are contained in a sort of veil to many potential  buyers.  When it comes to other businesses that have horrible customer service or none at all!


V2 Cigs representatives have been fully and continually trained on all the products they sell. This means the person you seek to answer your questions actually understands you and has the insight and know how to help you solve any  potential issues or problems that may arise with you. 





Of course there’s no need to believe my gushing about them go ahead and before even buying anything give their customer service a try. V2 can be contacted by live chat, a phone call or email. They will be more then happy to answer your inquires and very polite. In the e-cig world that’s almost unheard of and only V2 can live up  to that standard that they have set in the industry of e cigs.

V2 strives to make sure you are completely satisfied and happy with your purchases. In that respect for you they offer a unprecedented more than fair thirty day satisfaction guarantee that you will never want another company’s offerings  or your cash back!

You are probably thinking to yourself. “Okay but what if I love it but I break it, or it suddenly stops working?” V2 has got you covered with an industry setting warranty on all their wares. All the electronics  parts are guaranteed for life. This means that as long as it’s not a refill if it breaks that will be right there offering to replace it for free! Do a Google search for customer reviews, go ahead I can wait. 

See all those happy customers? And how much they were taken care of by V2? Are your  worries lifted now? With their guarantee and warranty you have nothing to fear about taking the plunge into a new healthier, smoke free and tobacco free lifestyle. It’s very simple to see and understand why V2 is the best e-cig supplier available anywhere on earth!

V2 isn’t a company to sit on the sidelines and wait for others to come up with new ideas. Each and every day they have their top people ensuring everything continues to be the highest quality possible but that the whole process for you is easy simple and elegant. With a brand new website for 2013, updated product lines and even easier ordering process. Brand new V2 starter kit packs that allow you to fully customize each and every detail.  It’s easy to see V2 as a leader, not a bystander.

All this with unprecedented customer service, a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee of all their superb industry leading products today is the day to make the switch. A switch not only to an outstanding e-cig supplier, But a switch to a new healthier you. A new smoke free you. A new you not having to run outdoors at bars or gatherings to enjoy nicotine.

A new you saving more money from not having to buy old fashioned cigarettes.  A new you with no more yellow teeth and finger nails.  A new you able to breath better and a new you with a reduced disease and cancer risk! Make today the day the new you starts!

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